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System-1 Pro Edition
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System-1 Pro Edition

Sale Price: $499.99 $449.99
You Save: $50.00
Product ID: Pro
Weight: 5.00 lbs
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System-1 Pro Edition is designed for teaching and playing professionals, with 2 receivers so a player and a teacher can both hear the player's swing.

System-1 Pro Edition is designed for teaching and playing professionals. The system ships with 2 RX-1 digital audio receivers, so instructor and student can listen to the golf swing simultaneously. With the Sonic Golf System-1, you can literally hear the rhythm, tempo and timing of your swing in real-time, and tune in to the most fundamental success factors of the golf swing.

Contents of this edition:

  • One SX-1 Transmitter/Shaft Insert - the heart of the System-1, used to capture and transmit the data of your swing
  • Two RX-1 Receivers/Synthesizers - used to convert the transmitter's data into sound
  • Six Sonic Golf/Golf Pride Tour Velvet specialty grips - attach them to multiple clubs and easily transfer your System-1
  • Two Sony MDR-J10 Stereo Headphones - one for each receiver. These headphones are designed to be lightweight and secure, letting you focus on your swing.
  • One Sonic Golf screwdriver (for changing batteries)
  • One roll of Sonic Golf installation tape - for installation of your SX-1. The roll is 30' long to allow for many installations.
  • Batteries (pre-installed)
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Instructional DVD
  • One Sonic Golf travel case (to easily transport your system)

Note: The SX-1 Transmitter/Shaft Insert inserts into clubs with an inner diameter of at least 0.45", which includes most steel shafted golf clubs. Some graphite shafted clubs have an inner diameter too narrow, including some graphite shafted irons and fairway woods. Please call (203) 764-2046 if you have any questions regarding checking for fit in your clubs.

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