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How It Works


  • Sonic Golf System-1 technology is inserted inside the shaft of your club fitted with our custom Golf Pride grip.
  • The swing motion is transmitted wirelessly to a belt-worn receiver that converts your swing motion to continuous musical tones you hear on the headset unit.
  • Slow swings are low pitch, quiet tones.
  • Swing faster and the pitch and volume gets higher.
  • With each swing you hear your rhythm and tempo, backswing/downswing transition, and the timing and speed of your clubhead release.
  • Tune in to each swing and immediately improve the next!

With Sonic Golf System-1, for the first time, you can literally hear the rhythm, tempo and timing of your swing in real-time, as you swing, and tune in to the most fundamental success factors of the golf swing.

System-1 is simple, straightforward, and amazingly effective. Hear “casting from the top”. Hear jerky transitions from backswing to downswing. Hear the release of the clubhead before, at or after the ball, and hear the sweet sound of a smooth, fluid, rhythmic golf swing - in real-time, every time.

No matter your playing level or understanding of the mechanics of the golf swing, System-1 will help you make immediate and lasting improvements in your golf swing.