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What The Pros Say

"System-1 has helped me tremendously. I always had a good rhythm, but I never had a consistent rhythm. It's making my swing a lot more consistent, not just with the driver but the whole game. It's one rhythm for the whole game instead of having a quicker rhythm for irons or slower rhythm for the driver."
Vijay Singh,
after winning the 2008 Deutsche Bank Championship

As Coaches and players we all know that consistent tempo is the gel that keeps the swing moving freely and repetitively. The key to good golf is find your own ideal tempo and then maintain it. Sonic golf enables golfers of all abilities to capture this most elusive aspect of the golf swing. Congratulations to Dr. Grober on bringing his concept to market. Having been involved with his early prototypes I know how hard he has worked to make this product a success.

        – David Leadbetter, David Leadbetter Golf Academy

        – Kevin Smeltz, Worldwide Director of Training and Certification, David Leadbetter Golf Academy

To say that the Sonic Golf Experience has been extremely well received by my Students would be an understatement. Sonic Golf's technology has allowed me to make substantial changes to a golfer's technique in just minutes! Needless to say, after only one week of using Sonic Golf, I quickly ordered a second unit!

        – Scott Cowx, Canadian PGA Head Teaching Professional, The Hamilton Golf and Country Club

Sonic Golf is what has been missing in golf instruction - the ability to teach timing and tempo - which is the glue that holds the whole swing together.

        – Randy Burkhardt, Buick Golf's PGA Teaching Professional

Sonic Golf's audio biofeedback helped students make dramatic and lasting changes to their golf swings in the space of 20-30 minutes that I previously would not have thought possible.

        – Bill Greenleaf, PGA Master Professional, The Dunes at Maui Lani, Maui

Sonic Golf helps golfers make the transition from mechanics to golf swing.

        – Jerry King, PGA Teaching Professional, Kapalua Golf Academy, Maui

People are going to take a look at this technology and say, 'Wow, why didn't I think of this before?'

        – Dr. Robert Winters, Sports Psychologist, David Leadbetter Golf Academy

Sonic Golf provided me a different way of understanding my swing. Being able to hear the transition at the top of the swing allowed me to control it.

        – Charlotte Mayorkas, LPGA Futures Tour

As an engineer I can appreciate the effort that goes into making something very complex seem so "simple". The audio biofeedback allowed me to "feel" a better swing and to identify and change swing mechanics that are not accessible via video.

        – Gene Walsh, Founder and President, Walsh Engineers, La Jolla, CA

I took my son to the driving range last night and asked him if he could believe how much Sonic Golf helped to improve my swing. He replied 'I can't believe ANYTHING could have helped that much!

        – Daniel Shepard, Founder, CTO & President, Contour Semiconductor, Salem, NH

Head Golf PRO at Quaker Ridge GC: "We've used it with great success. It is a hit!"

        – Rick Vershure, Head Golf PRO

One guy who uses my range broke down and took his first golf lesson ever with me (and the sonic golf system) after what he called a "two year slump", topped by no fairways hit on Saturday and a score of 99...he was ready to quit playing and buy a boat. After the lesson late Saturday he hit 13 fairways and 11 greens on Sunday morning and shot 77 (first time he broke 80 in five years!).

        – John Callahan, Owner/Teaching Professional at the John Callahan Golf Center in Colchester, CT

Sonic Golf has taught my students the correct tempo of the golf swing and increased their swing speeds by just listening. There is not a golfer that could not benefit from Sonic Golf.

        – Kammy Maxfeldt, Head Golf Professional, Westport Ct

I absolutely love the sonic golf unit I bought. My game has improved immensely and the students I have tried it with, the results have been astounding. I had one 10 handicap that whose swing was so long and across the line immediately get to a 3/4 perfectly on plane swing.

        – Christine, PRO in Harrison NY

I have been using your product for about a year and have excellent results with it. I was amazed as to the number of amateurs that decelerate into the ball rather then accelerate through the ball using Sonic Golf I can show the student what they are doing. The Sonic Golf system has given me a tool that I can use to show my students their swing with sound. It make it fun and a really great learning and teaching tool.

        – Chuck Slenker, Head Teaching Pro