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Customer Reviews

I noticed an immediate improvement in my takeaway and transition

        – Jonathan, Portland Or

I think it was a brilliant idea to give golfers an extra sensory experience. It's amazing that even by watching one of the videos of your presentation, that sound sticks in my head and has already helped, particularly in my chipping where I would often accelerate and decelerate inconsistently.

        – Bryan, NJ

The Sonic Golf swing training system is an absolute break through; the system is brilliantly designed and developed, and the audio feedback is beyond awesome. Learning the proper rhythm, tempo, pace and timing can be perplexing, until you use the System-1 and solve the mystery immediately. I have witnessed my daughter's transformation using the product while working with Kevin Smeltz, as well as the many students at the Leadbetter academy at Championsgate. I offer many thanks to Dr. Grober and the entire company for producing such an innovative product and the dedication to improving the enjoyment of the game of golf.

        – Rob, Minnesota

Bought your device about two weeks ago. Great idea. I played golf last Monday and had my best ball striking round in 30 years.

        – JAL, Pasadena CA

PS. I just broke 90 and shot an 82 score playing a round of golf on the 4th of July afternoon; this is my lowest score in 11 years of playing. It is amazing that I only had practice with System-1 for about two weeks and was able to adjust my swing rhythm to maintain my shot consistency. Please say thanks to Professor Grober for his wonderful invention and thank you for the quick response to resolve the issue I have with the transmitter.

        – Rey Lin, Farmingdale NY

I purchased your product a month ago. My back swing has always been quick and long and has resulted in erratic ability. I have been a high-single-digit golfer for years. I have tried everything to improve consistency and your device finally did it for me. My handicap is now a solid 6 and is on the way down. The major member-member tournament was this past weekend. I shot 73 with a double on the first hole and more importantly I had 4 clutch-clutch-clutch shots in a 5 hole playoff, with a lot of people watching. I just focused on hearing that sound in my head, and we won. Your device is great !!!

        – Al, Ohio

Immediately after my 1st lesson using Sonic Golf, I shot a 101 which was my lowest score at that point. A couple of weeks later I broke 100 for the first time and shot a 98 which was very exciting! I believe that Sonic Golf should get the credit for the improvement.

        – Gloria, New Haven Ct

I love the product __ very sophisticated and fun to use

        – Paul Major, Manhattan Beach CA

Thanks again Bob Grober, your Sonicgolf bio feedback system is giving me the technology I need to develop the tempo in my swing that will enable me to get that "stop at the top" transition move that keeps me behind the ball and promotes effortless power. Where were you 15 years ago?

        – Rob Codo, Wisconsin

I just need to tell you that after just a few sessions with some of my students, the results are amazing. This has changed my teaching already and I want to thank you for such an incredible tool. > > Mahalo Mahalo Mahalo!!!!!!

        – Ed Angulo, Paia Hawaii

Things are great! The golf season officially began today in Chicago and I'm excited. I've been testing out the Sonic Golf System and I'm loving it. I used it at my golf lesson last week and my golf instructor liked how effective it was at teaching good tempo. I have to agree, the audio feedback is great. I know exactly what the right swing tempo should sound like for my swing.

        – Rob Hayashida, Chicago

I've been practicing on the rug for the past 40 days since recieving my RX-1. I got my first chance to actually play a round of golf today. I used the device to warm up. I hit 12 of 14 fairways with the longest drives of my life, and in 48-degree temperatures! If I hadn't been so long, I wouldn't have driven into the edge of four fairways and had a little tree line trouble. I also hit some great irons into the greens...and I was either on the green, on the fringe, or within a foot of the green on 17 of 18 greens. Major improvement.....

        – Mark Hannum, Massachusetts

I first encountered the concept of Sonic Golf at my 40th Yale reunion in 2006. I attended a lecture on the golf swing by professor Grober. I had a chance to swing the prototype club onstage and immediately knew that it was the kind of training aid that would work for me (and probably lots of others.) The sound feedback is absolutely independent of any of the mechanics of the golf swing so it would not interfere with it, only enable me to refine it. I received it just in time to wrap as a Christmas present. I was fortunate. My graphite irons (as well as my driver) accommodate the transmitter unit. The unit stopped my "slump" in its tracks. My handicap is improving as I write this.

        – Stephen Billard,

The Sonic Golf system allows me to enjoy my game of golf better. Instead of focusing on the mechanics such as starting my downswing by shifting weight to my left foot, I now exclusively use the audio feedback to regulate my swing. As a result, I focus more on the swing itself and forget everything else. Consequently, I "feel" the game more rather than simply going through the motions.

        – Dr. Nihal J. Mehta, Dallas, TX

I am very impressed with Sonic Golf - it has greatly improved my timing and contact for my irons and woods. As advertised, it removes all of the technical thought processes and allows you to swing naturally. I am recommending it to all of my buddies.

        – James Austin, Washington, DC

We definitely can say that we are satisfied with the results, especially for students that have to be kept away from their technical thoughts.

        – Tom Ritsch, Switzerland

I have been using [System-1] for 2 weeks and it has really made a huge difference in my golf. People that I have been playing with for years have noticed a big change in my tempo and I have gained one club in distance. Thank you for inventing such a great device. All the best.

        – M. Mason, France

John Callahan, Colchester Ct forwards the latest quote from one of his long time students: "Now that we're talking the same language, that of sound, I get it. Sometimes before it was like I was thinking in English while you were speaking Chinese."

        – Dr Lawerence Gluck, Orange Ct

I have used the System-1 for the past 5 months and it has really improved my game, rhythm and tempo of my swing. My coach suggested I use the Sonic System-1, and I saw a big change from my freshman year, last year, to my sophomore year, this year.

        – Student, University of Tulsa